Matchmaking Services for Women

Elite Matched is a premier matchmaker for the world's elite....the top 1%.

We are always looking for women that are the whole package(kind, attractive, with a good career) to add to our database.

Our service is completely free for women.

If that sounds like you, if you have what it takes and are tired of dating creeps, players and losers, then sign up and meet the man of your dreams. A man that's educated, kind and successful...a perfect partner. A man who is ready to commit and is ready for a long term relationship and marriage.

So what makes Elite Matched that much better?

The main difference is that the men you'll meet on our service are a step above the rest. This isn't the typical cesspool you'll find on regular dating sites/apps, or the type of guy you'd meet at a bar/club after work. With our service, you'll never have to deal with creepy men who just happen to be rich. And you'll never have to deal with players, since anyone using our service is very serious about their search(let's be honest, there are better ways to spend this kind of money if all you are looking for is casual sex).

What's more, our extensive match-making process lets us create some truly phenomenal couples. The type of couple, where you have amazing chemistry and just click from the moment you meet each other. This means, you won't ever have to waste your precious time going on bad dates filled with awkward silence.

So if you are interested in meeting some truly amazing men and are willing to put in a little bit of effort to go through our process, then this is definitely the service for you. So what are you waiting for?

I want in, how do I join?

Our application process is pretty simple. The first step is to see if you qualify for our service. This includes filling out the intake form and then sending your photos. Once we see that you have what it takes, we'll then send you our interview questionaire that will help us figure out just what makes you tick. Once you complete that, we'll then give you instructions for documents that we'll require you to submit.

Please make sure you are honest in your answers...getting caught lying is an automatic dismissal from our service.

After we receive your questionnaire and all the necessary documents, we'll process everything and you'll finally be added to our database. Please note: getting added to our database doesn't mean that we are taking you on as a full client. For that, we work exclusively with men. Being added to our database, just makes you available to be matched with our male clients.

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